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PLAN OF STUDY: All students need to meet with Carla Frakes, MS in MIS advisor, in the first semester of attendance. One of the purposes of this meeting is to complete your Plan of Study (a listing of all courses you plan to take for the degree and the semester in which each course will be taken). If you are going to deviate from your approved plan of study, (change electives or semester course(s) to be taken for example) you will need to see Carla PRIOR to being able to register for the courses you want. Changes to the official plan of study must go through the approval process before registration. This is very important as graduation may be delayed if changes are not approved before enrollment.


  1. Earn a total of 36 acceptable credits, including 21 credits in the following courses which make up the core of the Management Information Systems Program:

    • ISQA 8060 - Research in MIS
    • ISQA 8210 - Management of Software Development
    • ISQA 8220 - Advanced Systems Analysis and Design
    • ISQA 8310 - Data Communications
    • ISQA 8380 - Managing the Distributed Computing Environment
    • ISQA 8410 - Database Management
    • ISQA 8420 - Managing the IS Function

  2. Earn a total of 15 credit hours with a number 8000 or above (excluding foundation courses listed in the admissions requirements). The 15 credits must include 6 credit hours from among the following:

    • ISQA 8080 - Seminar in MIS (May be repeated, but no topic more than once)
    • ISQA 8016 - Business Intelligence
    • ISQA 8106 - Information Systems Architecture and Organization
    • ISQA 8156 - Advanced Statistical Methods for IS&T
    • ISQA 8160 - Applied Distribution-Free Statistics
    • ISQA 8186 - Electronic Commerce
    • ISQA 8196 - Process Re-engineering with Information Technology
    • ISQA 8206 - Information and Data Quality Management
    • ISQA 8230 - Telecommunications Management
    • ISQA 8240 - Telecommunications Planning, Analysis and Design
    • ISQA 8306 - Database Administration
    • ISQA 8340 - Applied Regression Analysis
    • ISQA 8400 - Clinical Systems Architecture and Function
    • ISQA 8510 - Managing Usability Functions in Systems Development Organizations
    • ISQA 8525 - Graphical User Interface Design
    • ISQA 8530 - E-Commerce Security
    • ISQA 8546 - Computer Security Management
    • ISQA 8560 - Information Warfare and Security
    • ISQA 8570 - Information Security Policy and Ethics
    • ISQA 8580 - Security Risk Management and Assessment
    • ISQA 8596 - IT Audit and Control
    • ISQA 8700 - Data Warehousing: Theory and Practice
    • ISQA 8736 - Decision Support Systems
    • ISQA 8810 - IT Project Fundamentals
    • ISQA 8820 - Project Risk Management
    • ISQA 8900 - Independent Research in MIS (May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours)
    • ISQA 8950 - Capstone Management Information Systems
    • ISQA 8990 - Thesis (MUST be repeated. See description of thesis option here)

  3. Earn an overall 3.0 GPA in all course work.

  4. Pass ISQA 8950 - Capstone Management Information Systems, or pass the thesis option (thesis plus thesis defense). In exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Graduate Program Committee, a student may pass a comprehensive examination to satisfy this requirement. In this case the student would also have to complete an additional elective in order to satisfy the overall credit hour requirement.

Note: Students have 7 years to complete their MS in MIS degree. The 7 year time limit starts with the first degree program class on the plan of study.

Note: To audit an MS in MIS course, student must obtain permission from course instructor and chairman, Graduate Program Committee. A course taken for audit can not be used on a student's Plan of Study (i.e., a course taken for audit can not be used towards the 36 hours of required coursework for the MS in MIS). See current Graduate Catalog.

Note: The Graduate College’s Quality of Work standards shall be applied to foundation courses as well as courses taken as part of the degree program. In particular, the GPC will recommend to the Graduate College that any

  1. student receiving a grade of “C-“ or below on any foundation courses will be automatically dismissed from the program or, in the case of unclassified or non-degree students, be automatically denied admission.
  2. student receiving a grade of “C+” or “C” in any foundation course will be placed on probation or dismissed from the program.
  3. student not maintaining a “B” (3.0 on 4.0 scale) average in foundation courses will be placed on probation or dismissed from the program.

graduate minor in mis

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Management information systems offers a graduate minor to students pursuing graduate degrees in other programs at the University of Nebraska. The requirements for the minor are that the student complete a minimum of three graduate courses (nine semester hours ending in 0), receiving a grade of "B" (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better in each. The courses to be taken for the minor are to be approved by the student's adviser in the student's major subject and by the Graduate Program Committee chair in management information systems. For declaring an MIS minor, a minimum TOEFL score of 550 is required and GRE or GMAT minimum scores (verbal score and comprehensive score) at the 50th percentile are required.

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